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Welcome to Champagne Shores The Villa in Anguilla!

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Welcome to Champagne Shores, our home in paradise. We are Chris and Allison Garner the new owners of this beautiful villa.  We are thrilled to share our dream home away from home with you.


How did we find Anguilla?  It took us many years and a lot of traveling. We are from the Northeast United States and love to escape the cold winters.  We have three children and spent many vacations as a family cruising and island hopping in the Caribbean.  St. Martin was always one of our favorite destinations and on one trip there we decided to take the ferry to Anguilla.  Once we found this perfect island we came back five times in as many months in pursuit of the perfect home.

Champagne Shores had everything we were looking for: calm, clear blue water, a secluded beach, and amazing views.  As well as enough space to invite family and friends.  After spending just one night here we didn't want to leave.  All that was left was what to name our new piece of paradise. To get some inspiration we grabbed some drinks and headed to the beautiful beach down the path.  We sat in the warm water and just enjoyed life for a while when one of our favorite songs came to mind.  The song is Knee Deep by the Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet.  The lyrics say, "This champagne shore washing over me, it's a sweet, sweet life living by the salty sea."  As soon as we started singing it we knew it was the perfect name.  We hope you feel that this villa and island are as special as we do.


Anguilla is ideal for an island getaway.  Whether you want to escape the cold and snow or just love the beach and sunshine.  When we are here our perfect day includes enjoying a bottle of our champagne, lounging in the sun by the pool while enjoying views of St. Martin, and later having dinner at one of the many exceptional restaurants around the island.  

Come experience the island life at Champagne Shores.  What will your perfect day look like?


Chris and Allison Garner

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